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Residential Electrical

Besides having your appliances and fixtures up and running it is equally important that they are efficient, so that you are not spending more money than you should, and that all the wiring is safe.

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Remodeling Electrical

It’s crucial to get every detail right the first time with the installation of electrical equipment. Our highly trained technicians have the expertise to ensure your electrical equipment is installed safely and properly.

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Electrical Repair

There are good reasons for today’s stringent code regulations: Poorly installed electrical systems can result in fires, injuries, and even death. There’s no way to safely cut corners with electrical work.

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Landscape & Security Lighting

Whether you’re looking to decorate a garden or augment your security, we supply lighting products from the best manufacturers in the residential and commercial lighting industry.

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LED Installation

LED lighting is up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting which can amount to significant savings on your power bill.

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 Exterior Lighting Installation

Outside lighting is used for anything from convenience, to aesthetics, to security. Exterior lighting fixtures are readily available at home improvement stores, but these products are rarely made to last as long as professionally installed lighting.

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New Construction Electrical

It’s crucial that new wiring and electrical equipment is installed properly the first time, so problems don’t develop along the road – such as the risk of malfunctions, fires, and injuries or even death from electric shock.

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Stand-by Generators

Because people rely on an increasing variety of electric appliances today, standby generators are also becoming more popular with residences. These generators are an important power source in a temporary outage or emergency, and as such, regular maintenance is required.

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