LED Lighting Retrofits

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) produce more Lumens per Watt than HID lighting. Dedicated to providing your property with clean, cost-effective lighting at a reduced upgrading cost, Powercom, llc. designs, installs, and performs maintenance on residential and commercial LED lighting systems in the South Florida area and beyond.

Benefits of South Florida LED Lighting

LED lighting is a fantastic alternative because it saves energy, money, and produces light more effectively than traditional lighting. Commercial LED lighting is typically used in parking garages, parking lots, lighting for pathways and large areas, and canopies. As a leading electrical contracting company, Powercom, llc. is at the frontier of South Florida’s LED lighting technology. We work with several manufacturers so that your LED lighting system achieves the following results:

Saves Energy: LED lighting tends to require less energy to deliver the same amount of light as metal halide or high-pressure sodium lights. This is because LEDs produce more lumens per watt than conventional high-intensity discharge lamps.

Cuts Maintenance Costs: Typically lasting over 100,000 hours (about 11.41 years), the long lifespan of LED lighting reduces the frequency of costly maintenance and replacement services.

Eco-Friendly: LED lighting contains no lead or mercury. LED lighting can keep our city bright and clean.

Durability: LED lighting can withstand tough environments. Companies enjoy LEDs because they can withstand high and low temperatures, vibrations and on/off cycles. Further, an electrical contracting company like Highlights Electrical prefers LED lighting because its tight sealing keeps out contaminants, thus eliminating tedious disassembly and cleaning.

Optimal Light Quality: LED lighting is known for producing a clean, bright, white light. The uniformity and visibility created by LED lighting promotes safety and improves the value of your property.

Controlled Dimming: LED lighting adjusts to the environment. Daylight and occupancy sensors allow for precise adjustments, so that the lighting is perfectly suited for its surroundings.

Why Should I Use LED Lighting in My Facility or Building?

  • Energy Efficient: LED lighting is up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting which can amount to significant savings on your power bill.
  • Less Maintenance: LED lighting has a much longer rated life than traditional lighting reducing costs for replacement bulbs, maintenance and possibly rented equipment to change it.
  • Instant on: LED’s will instantly operate at full brightness every time they are turned on. HID lamps can take up to 15-20 minutes to come back on after being shut off due to the fact they have to cool down (which tells you how much heat they generate).
  • Generates less heat: 80% of the energy is used to generate light instead of generating heat which reduces air conditioning energy consumption as well. (HID and incandescents use about 20% of the energy to generate light and 80% creating heat).
  • Silent: No humming or buzzing sound as HID lighting can give off as they approach the end of their life.
  • No flickering: LED will remain steadily illuminated unlike fluorescent or HID which can flicker. Flickering can cause headaches and eye strain.
  • Lighting quality is much better than Incandescent or HID: Quality light is very important when trying to enhance the color or brightness of what you are illuminating such as a car dealership, furniture store, or even hair salon where accurate color rendering is important.
  • LED lamps are mercury free and contain no toxic gases.
  • No Infrared or UV Radiation: LED’s do not produce infrared or ultraviolet light making them especially ideal for illuminating items susceptible to fading or deterioration due to UV rays such as in museums, clothing stores, or art galleries.
  • Durable: LED lamps are not as susceptible to breakage as their incandescent or HID counterparts. Special shatterproofing is generally not needed since the lamps are not made of glass.
  • No catastrophic failure: HID lamps can literally explode in the fixtures at any time. LED will not.

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